Cyber Insurance, do I need it?

Does your business need Cyber Insurance?

Consider all recent events we seen with the government data breaches. It is scary to think that if hackers can get into the governments computers, how vulnerable does that make small business owners?  Think about the following situations:

– An employee laptop containing private, customer information is lost or stolen during travel.

– A hacker gains unauthorized access to your network and steals private customer and employee information.

Then your business needs Cyber insurance!

Cyber events like these can have a significant impact on your customers, your employees and your bottom line. You need Cyber Insurance.

Here is a tidbit, 1 in 5 small businesses, with less than 250 employees were targeted with attacks in 2013.  The costs associated with these events can reach millions of dollars to cover legal defense, legal settlements, lost business, notification costs and more.

The potential for cyber event is real regardless of the size of your organization and the worst thing your organization can do is ignore the risk. Contact us at  or find a local agent at for more information on Cyber Insurance.